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A patient asks, “what can be done to avoid eye damage? I have been wearing glasses since a young age and would like to avoid the same happening to my daughter.”

Eye damage is a large topic and as a doctor who treats people who have problems, not problems that have people, there are some things that can be done to promote eye health. A consultation with an eye specialist is a great idea if you notice that you are having problems with your eyes, or just want a checkup.

Because one body part can impact another this article is written in the spirit of working with the synergy of the body’s various parts. Proper nutrition, exercise, and nerves free from interference are essential for eye health.

First, the eyeball has the highest concentration of fat in the human body and this fat can easily be destroyed or made rancid by free radicals, or poor dietary choices. Free radical damage is responsible for and causes; cataracts, aging, cancer, and damage to the eyes among other things. Also, as we age, the lens of the eye naturally loses some of its flexibility. Many people notice changes in their ability to read words on a page, or a screen with the passing of the years. The eyes just like muscles, the brain, and other body parts, fade in function if you do not use them properly – you know the old saying “use it or lose it.” It should actually be “use it properly or lose it.” Various eye exercises can be done that exercise the muscles in and around the eyes to allow for better overall function.

Nature has done a wonderful thing and has given us free radical scavengers. These are nutrients that the body uses to neutralize the damaging particles called free radicals. Vegetables happen to be loaded with them. In the office on specific cases we offer various types of nutritional support that are case specific. We also instruct patients’ on exercises and perform manipulations on the neck and skull that historically have been thought to be helpful for eye and nerve function by influencing the central nervous system.

Finally, many of us have been convinced that we need to avoid the sun and this is not correct. Light is healing and stimulating. In fact light impacts and encourages normal biorhythms. In order to properly nourish your eyes we need to be exposed to at least 1,500 wavelengths that are contained in light! Sunglasses block these. I personally only wear sunglasses if the light is just too bright to stand – like when skiing. While medications, and certain oils may cause light sensitivity, in general it should not be an uncomfortable experience. If you find the sun is too bright on a daily basis, then you may need a work up by an alternative professional to help you locate imbalances in the stress system of the body that may be contributing to your light sensitivity.

So eye health promotion is actually more than just getting an eye examination, it requires a team approach. You should get an eye examination regularly from a qualified medical professional. But remember that the line that separates one profession from another does not eliminate the fact that the human body is a unit that is a conglomeration of many parts which know no borders and have the incredible potential to influence one and other.

So in a nutshell the optimal promotion of the health of your eyes can be achieved by;

  1. Getting regular eye exams.
  2. Getting the correct balance of fats – a blood test is the best way.
  3. Getting the correct balance of antioxidants through diet analysis and proper examination of the body. Testing can be done but is not a sure thing and should be used in combination with other measures.
  4. Learn about and receive cranial manipulation which helps to ensure normal mobility and may impact the function of nerves in and around the eyes.
  5. Put down the sunglasses and save them for excessive and unusually chronic high intensity exposures.

Yours in health,

Dr. Tyran Mincey D.C. D.I.B.A.K.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended as medical advice, nor is intended to replace medical advice or an individualized medical exam. It is written for educational purposes only.




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