A Holistic Viewpoint On Plastic Surgery

A patient asks “Are there hidden problems that can be caused by plastic surgery.”

Lately I have noticed a large number of people opting for plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgical procedures to improve their appearance or the appearance of a part of their body.

I am not a plastic surgeon and cannot tell you how a plastic surgery procedure could be properly done. As most know, I am a doctor that looks at the role that all parts – no matter how they look, play in the health of the entire organism.

An “organism” for the sake of this discussion is a living entity comprised of many different parts that work together, are interdependent, and maintain vital processes for the good of the whole. I am sure that you would agree that if you took out the heart that the rest of the organism could not survive unassisted.

So there are many parts in the human body – hundreds. And these parts have various ways of communicating to ensure survival. One such way is through a covering of the muscles and organs called “fascia.” Another communication method is through blood and various bodily fluids. And another method is via energy pathways that the ancient Chinese called, and we still call “meridians.”

A Surgeon no matter how skilled these days is likely to cut to achieve his or her goal. If you have ever cut something then you know that once it is cut it is hard to restore to to it’s original appearance. In living things cuts are repaired using scar tissue. No matter how skilled a surgeon, after surgery there is always a scar – even if it cannot be seen. Scar tissue has an effect on the body’s ability to communicate using blood, fascia, and energy. This is because energy flows through meridians and in susceptible individuals scars may block energy flow and may cause varying degrees of ill health. Sometimes this is trivial and at other times, disabling.

I know this to be true as over the last 20 or so years I have observed the negative and sometimes painful impact that scars can have on health. I have observed an improvement in health once the scars are treated. Scars may cause nerve, blood flow, and energetic interference.

So while plastic surgery is likely to help people feel good about the way they look. In some it does not help the organism feel good about they way it feels. That adds up to what seems to be a poorer quality of life to me. However the gauge of quality is probably a personal decision.

So the answer here is that there are hidden problems that many surgeons of any class are unaware of that can result from a competently performed procedures. There are several therapies that can assist in minimizing the negative blocks that may be caused by scars created by surgical procedures. Part of the recovery process should include the restoration of the normal flow of blood, nerve, and other energy that may have been blocked; not so much by the surgery itself, but instead by the scar formed as a part of the normal healing process.

Till next time.

Dr. Mincey


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