About Dr. Mincey

aboutusDr. Mincey is a devoted husband and proud father of 4 children. He is a clinician and lecturer, on issues involving humanity and the drug-free quest for wellness and health. His lectures encompass education, workplace productivity, and working towards reaching our star-high potential in anything we undertake through understanding the foundation that health plays in all of life’s activities.

Dr. Mincey started on the health quest as an excellent high school athlete playing both football and wrestling. He was a top football recruit for a division 2 college in 1997 and during his college attendance he become a certified aerobics instructor by the AAIA. After college and a corporate sales career he started a nutrition company. He focused on using supplements to create energy and feel better. As his interest grew while working for a production company in Manhattan, he learned about chiropractic from reading literature about a Scientology Assist, for illness and injury.

Amazed by the innate healing powers of the body, he applied and was accepted into the NY Chiropractic College and Graduated with honors, receiving over 15 of the colleges awards, and was also honored with Student of the year. While in attendance at New York Chiropractic College and after a two year extensive search and review of the most holistic chiropractic and healthcare techniques, Dr. Mincey met up with Dr. George Goodheart, the Founder of Applied Kinesiology. After attending classes taught by Dr. Goodheart, Dr. Mincey decided that he would take the holistic career path. He then set out on a 10 year educational path studying Applied Kinesiology under the tutelage 5  diplomates, including two Founders Dr Paul White and, Dr George Goodheart Founder.

After many years of studying, Dr. Mincey had passed all examinations and competencies, and was awarded his Diplomate in Applied Kinesiology, making him one of 48 teachers of this work in the worlds and 48 out of 75,000 practicing chiropractors, 600,000 MD’s, 78,000 DO’s, 150,000 Dentist to hold such a status in the world.

Today Dr. Mincey has a primary care holistic care practice in Montclair, New Jersey, and satellite clinic services in the village in New York City. The practice provides Applied Kinesiology, nutritional consultation, homeopathic remedies, energy medicine, cleansing, detoxification, weight loss, Zerona, personal injury, and workman’s compensation.

People seek Dr Mincey’s care for a variety of reasons but the treatment is of the person that has the problem, not the problem that has the person.