Summer Health Tip

I wanted to send out another quick email here, and give you some quick health tips on how you can use summer to “catapult” your health without too much effort. As a holistic physician, patients always ask how can I build my immunity? Should I take Echinacea? When? Goldenseal? How much? Well the truth is,… Read more

The mad hatter, or better yet the sad hatter.

  Remember the mad hatter? “Mad as a hatter” was a term coined after hat makers in London who had chronic exposure to mercury vapor began displaying emotional instability, depression, and a lot more than just mood swings. But that was in the 17th century; that couldn’t have much to do with today right? Wrong!… Read more

Depression – The season of sadness.

What is the season of sadness? Is depression a season of sadness, or is it the season that is the cause of depression? Let’s explore this as yet “another cause of depression” that has absolutely nothing to do with taking an antidepressant medication. There are many factors involved here. Today we will look at the role… Read more

Depression and friendly bacteria

More on depression… We are doing this article in parts as drug free support for depression is an enormous topic. We know this to be true as it is a targeted area for pharmaceutical interests because drugs used for treatment can be “a  consumable” and thus are rather profitable. There is no cure using drugs but only… Read more


  A person suffering from depression needs to have a competent examination and work up – preferably by a drug-less healthcare provider first. This provider will not be treating “depression,” but will work to address the underlying causes of this apparent problem – and it does have causes. This article may also surprise a few… Read more

A Holistic Viewpoint On Plastic Surgery

A patient asks “Are there hidden problems that can be caused by plastic surgery.” Lately I have noticed a large number of people opting for plastic surgery and other cosmetic surgical procedures to improve their appearance or the appearance of a part of their body. I am not a plastic surgeon and cannot tell you… Read more

Eye Health

A patient asks, “what can be done to avoid eye damage? I have been wearing glasses since a young age and would like to avoid the same happening to my daughter.” Eye damage is a large topic and as a doctor who treats people who have problems, not problems that have people, there are some… Read more

Exercise and Cross-Fit

A patient asks; What do you think of exercise and Cross-Fit?; I write this article based on my observations and the patient population I currently have, and have cared and worked with for nearly 27 years. This includes age ranges from birth to nearly 100. As a longtime lover of fitness and an athlete I… Read more

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome

There are several valves in the digestion system; one such valve – the ileocecal valve – is located between the small and large intestines. It controls passage of the small intestine’s contents into the large intestine. This valve can dysfunction in two ways. First, and most common, is the “open” ileocecal valve syndrome. Let’s call… Read more