Causes of Digestive Dysfunction

Hiatal Hernia Often the burning sensations, voice changes, and coughs are the result of a hiatal hernia, which can develop when the diaphragm does not function properly.  There is an opening in the diaphragm through which the esophagus passes and then joins the stomach.  If this opening enlarges, a small portion of the stomach can… Read more

Digestive Disturbance

Many people suffer from imbalance of the digestive system.  In fact it is so common that it is dismissed as normal. Most people reason “sometimes my food just repeats when I eat the wrong thing,” or “I just have heartburn,” or “Maybe I should not have eaten that, ” or “It’s too bad that I… Read more

Blood Pressure and Diet and Nutrition

The first stop for most practitioners is the elimination of sodium. It is true that for certain forms of hypertension that sodium, which in this case is “table salt” – an unnaturally processed and imbalanced source of sodium, will increase blood pressure. It should be restricted. However it seems, that all cases of hypertension have… Read more

“Low Blood Pressure” (Hypotension)

Not many in healthcare are concerned with low blood pressure. In fact it appears that “low” is so frequent that is becoming the new normal. The exceptions are emergencies when the pressure bottoms out like shock, infection, or end of life. Drugless physicians who push patients toward optimal health recognize that if pressure can be… Read more

Blood Pressure and Neurologic Control

A major control mechanism is part of the nervous system which is automatic or involuntary. This system functions in a manner to either speed body functions or slow them down. These nerves control the heart, kidneys, and parts of the blood vessels that exist outside of the heart. These two systems are opposites. Chiropractic and… Read more

Blood Pressure

When a person has abnormal blood pressure it is called “hypertension” (high blood pressure), or “hypotension” (low blood pressure). Both are deviations from normal and have many causes. None include an absence of medication as a cause of the condition. High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) When a person has high blood pressure it has a cause.… Read more

Strategies to Augment Your Immune System

This is the time of year that the flu season begins. Aside from the obvious supplementing of your diet with the nutrients that your immune system needs, there are a number of things you can do that will either stimulate or impair your immune system. Nutrients First, let’s talk about the nutrients. Whether you eat… Read more

Facts About The Flu

There are two types of flu categories; Seasonal and Non-Seasonal. An example of Non-Seasonal flu is Swine, or Bird flu. These occur during anytime of the year. Seasonal flu occurs mostly in the northeast and starts near the end of October and ends in April. 2% of the “cases of swine flu” in 2009 were… Read more

Are you suffering from HWGS?

HWGS (Holiday Weight Gain Syndrome) is a common problem this time of year. Merriment, merrymaking, parties, more parties, and sugary treats are the order of these days with images of elves, Santa Claus, Baby New Year, and sparkling lights leading the way. Malls are at their fullest and internet bandwidth is fully packed as people… Read more

The War Within Ourselves

Sterile or Sanitary?   This is long but important. Good vs. Evil Have you watched T.V. lately? Is it me or are there more ads than ever for products that kill bacteria – “99.9%” to be exact; is it me or does it seem like there are “hand sanitizer” stations popping up everywhere? It was… Read more