We Shook Up The World

We shook up the world! Remember the classic Muhammad Ali video, when Ali sang “I shook up the world?” It is one of my favorites. For a reminder click here; https://www.google.com/search?q=muhammade+ali+shook+up+the+world&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8 When we have a patient come in and we are able to re-educate them we “shake up their world.” And this is a good… Read more

Short and Sweet

What types of sugar are best for me? It has been said that “the truth is simple.” So the answer is None! I know, I know – “but it tastes soooo good.” The human body is not made to use pure and processed sugars. It has systems that take food and convert it into sugar… Read more

Weight, Exercise, and Mental Function

We continue to see an increasing awareness of the problem of obesity in our culture. This is a problem that has become increasingly apparent in the United States and is slowly becoming a problem for Europeans as they take on many of our bad habits. Fast food and a rise in a sedentary life have… Read more

Aging and Exercise

One of the most effective tools to help stave off the aging process is moderate exercise. No matter when you start it, you will have positive effects on aging. The three major changes that you can feel are an increase in your strength, an increase in endurance and an increase in your range of motion.… Read more

The Human Body and Sugar

There are several mechanisms of the body that are impacted by sugar. To start off we will look at the point where sugar enters the body. The first experience with sugar is in the mouth. The tongue which has direct connections to the brain has specific areas which have the function to make the body… Read more

How does stress affect weight gain?

The human body stores fat in response to cues from sleep, diet, and the environment. Fat storage represents a bodies attempt to stay alive. So when overstressed, it will store fat if fuel is available. In societies, times, or seasons when a food supply could diminish fat served a definite purpose, but in industrialized societies… Read more

Children, obesity and “The Soup”

Children, obesity and “The Soup” Childhood obesity is epidemic at this point. But why are our children so fat? What is the cause? There are many causes of obesity; each individually may been implicated but when we pool them together the odds of obesity increase; to be concise we will call it “the soup.” When… Read more

Pregnancy, lactation and Cleansing

Professional Cleansing and detoxification programs are very popular today (see cleansecleansecleanse.com), as are do it yourself programs. Why would anyone want to do this? Currently there are several reasons why one should cleanse and detox but I am only going to discuss only a few. It is just too disappointing. We have inherited and contributed… Read more

What Does Stress do to Most People

What does stress do to most people? Lots! Too much for this article. Well what is stress anyway? It means a few things so if you really want to know what it really is, and how to address it then read on. In our blog of last week I talked about stress and gave examples … Read more