What kind of stress do you have?

  What kind of Stress to you have? Stress is a term which is poorly understood. There are different types of stress; physical, emotional, chemical, and temperature. Physical stress deals with muscles, nerves, and bones. These structures make up more than 1/2 of the human body. The relief thereof is the reason why people get… Read more

Springing Immunity and fat loss

Hi there, I hope that you have been getting out into the fresh air a bit. Patients have been calling and asking lots of questions about the recent “Vitamin D” newsletter. A little knowledge can be dangerous, so I just want to include a few more details to help you when your try to TIP… Read more

Health Seekers Guide

OK. So I started blogging about 10 years ago but never made it past the first one due to time constraints and – well… a lack of discipline, but I am back. There so much that I want to share. So today the question is what does it really take to build health? Building/Rebuilding Health… Read more