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We are doing this article in parts as drug free support for depression is an enormous topic. We know this to be true as it is a targeted area for pharmaceutical interests because drugs used for treatment can be “a  consumable” and thus are rather profitable. There is no cure using drugs but only a numbing of unwanted feelings. Once one is numb they tend to want to stay that way, but must continue the medication to continue not feeling. And so dependence starts. So lets continue to look at some real causes. Addressing these may assist some people in their recovery.

Last week we looked at one of the causes of depression. We asked that the over consumption of sugar be considered as something to evaluate. If you took the time to add up overt sugar consumption, and then hidden sugar consumption in soft drinks, sauces and foods, then the total amount sugar in most diets can be surprising. This is before adding in dessert and junk snacks. Sugar is only the beginning of a long and steep plunge for those susceptible to its negative effects. One such effect is the disturbance of the precious balance and community of bacteria that live within and on all of us. The disruption of this community creates chemical, biochemical, neurological, and perhaps other unknown complications that may lead to cognitive difficulties such as depression. I will spare the technical jargon and remind you that often times those with gut difficulties are often the same people who suffer from depression. Several lab tests that study the terrain and species of bacteria of the gut may now be ordered and can easily and noninvasively confirm such an imbalance. Once confirmed a plan is then crafted to correct the imbalance. This plan is usually a lot more than “take probiotics.” At this point the friendly bacteria have been decimated and severely disrupted to the point where the terrain is such that they may a tough time surviving. Common assaults in addition to sugar include; a lack of probiotic food sources in the form of fiber, chemicals and residues from hand sanitizers, as well as antibiotic overuse in livestock, and in medicine. These eventually end up on our plates and in the glasses of water we drink . The result is death to the resident bacteria and then growth of other bacteria, yeast, and fungi. These invaders freeload and steal instead of providing needed vitamins that help keep us happy. It is very likely that years of consuming sugar, drugs, and other dietary and environmental insults have created a harsh and unfriendly environment. Therefore just taking a probiotic may not prove effective as they are just being sent to their death in a harsh non sustaining gut environment. The gut environment or terrain must be correct first then probiotics can be restored and this requires special management.

That is it for now, join us next time was continue our overview of the functional causes depression.

Dr. Mincey


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