Depression – The season of sadness.

What is the season of sadness? Is depression a season of sadness, or is it the season that is the cause of depression?

Let’s explore this as yet “another cause of depression” that has absolutely nothing to do with taking an antidepressant medication.

There are many factors involved here. Today we will look at the role that the season and geographic location plays in depression. Seasons affect vitamin D status because the angle and distance of the sun changes based on the season. Fall, and Winter pose a double threat because both the angle, and intensity of the sun is not optimal for penetration of the sun’s light into the skin. This makes it difficult for a body to produce vitamin D in the sun for those that live in northern latitudes. As a result, there is an increased likelihood that there may be depression. A very simple vitamin D test when positive begs to be addressed in these people. Then a plan can be created and put into place to avoid the future occurrence of low vitamin D levels. This is very important for those who have tinted or dark skin as they will not be able to obtain sufficient sunlight to assist their body in its production of this vital nutrient during just about any season when in the north. Far worse, the practice of using sun block in these individuals is a plausible contributor to depression as it “blocks” the production of vitamin D.

When in the sun, a good skin management plan is good insurance against sunburn and a good assurance for obtaining adequate vitamin “D“ levels. This is yet another drug-less factor that when properly supplied for the correct amount of time, at the correct dosage, may improve depression and not as a suppressor of symptoms, but as a real “cause” of the condition.

Until next time,

Dr. Mincey

Disclaimer: This article is written for educational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, or as treatment for any disease, defect, or deformity. It you have a health problem, consult a healthcare provider.


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