Dr. Mincey’s Lecture Schedule

Nutri-West Sponsored Seminars for Healthcare Professionals

For over 17 years Dr. Tyran Mincey D.C. D.I.B.A.K has been post graduate faculty at several colleges and performed well over 100 seminars. He captivates his audience and stimulates them to want to learn information that sharpen their clinical skills and improves patient response and healing – a powerful practice building technique. The seminar series is based current trends in the profession and needs of the population. You will be pleased with Dr. Mincey’s presentation.

Nutri-West Seminars

Nutri-West has been providing nutrition to healthcare professionals exclusively licensed to diagnose for over 28 years in their state of the art manufacturing facility. They offer the largest product line in the industry made from quality nutrients, organic whenever possible. There are over 18 distributions centers throughout the country and they offer glandular, vitamin, mineral, herbal, homeopathic, and Chinese herbal remedies.

Please call 800-697-9577 for doctors who want to register or want more information. For a listing of other Nutri-West seminars, please visit

Patient Education Seminars

March 23rd 2013: At 1-2pm 6 steps to better health, common nutrition misconceptions | $20.00 per head

September 28th 2013: Location – The Blended Beverage at 1-2pm. What you thought your knew about health, nutrition and weight loss facts that will help you thrive | $20.00 per head