Summer Health Tip

I wanted to send out another quick email here, and give you some quick health tips on how you can use summer to “catapult” your health without too much effort.

As a holistic physician, patients always ask how can I build my immunity? Should I take Echinacea? When? Goldenseal? How much? Well the truth is, stuffing yourself full of vitamins helps, but it just part of the picture. Usually people end up getting the wrong dose, or worse, the wrong vitamin, no results, and even worse, creating unforeseen problems. Do you know why? Because they skipped the basics. So the answer really is following a simple step by step process.
Here’s how you can start boosting your immunity and based on how man has summered his health easily in the past;

1) Come in the office and get your vitamin D levels tested and corrected. It takes 15 minutes..

2) If you have had these levels tested send me the results and make an appointment. Getting correct level sometimes requires other accompanying nutrients. There is a little more to it for some people than just taking vitamin D tablets as some are unable to absorb it.

3)Start eating mushrooms. TIP: if they are left in the sun 1 hour after being picked or purchased there is a hormone they contain that boosts their vitamin D2 levels. While not nearly as beneficial and well understood as D3 it may help.

4) Use only grass fed butter. This means the animal was only fed grass, its natural and preferred food. If workers in the store cannot tell you “yes” right away then it is probably not. Call us we can help.

5.)Start getting in the high noon sun for 1 hour if you can. The sun is free, healing, and nourishing. Plants need sun to be healthy and so do you. LEAVE THE SUNBLOCK ALONE for that period of time. Man has been around for over 3 million years, and sunblock has been formally around for 60! Create a sensible and gradual skin management plan. If you are darkly colored – do not use sun block. Email me for me details and proof why you should not do this. This will be the beginning of preparing your skin which will build immunity through vitamin “D” production.

Remember, huge drug companies make their millions from feeding you half-truths regarding sun block, and flu shots, especially during the summer. Sad, but true. If you buy them, these lies may lower your immunity and may cost you health. You still however need to learn to sunbath responsibly. More on this later.
That’s it for now. If you can follow these guidelines, you’ll find that you will feel a lot more energetic, decrease your odds of sickness and the flu and you may improve your digestion and your general health.

Well that about “sums” it up! Have a great summer, and as always thank you for putting your faith in me as your doctor, and for choosing Integrated Healthcare. To listen to a podcast about this subject click here .

In Health,

Your Doctor,

Dr. Tyran Mincey, DC, DIBAK

PS. As always, if you need to book an appointment for anything health related (perhaps a quick check up) then please give us a call 973-744-1155.

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