• Dear Dr. Mincey,

    I just wanted you to know how thankful we are to have a Doctor like you in our lives. You are able to not only set our minds at ease, but put us in the right direction for helping our bodies get healthier, plus you handle and solve our body’s issues. I know you have certainty on what you do, but from our viewpoint, you are a miracle worker!

    You handled Brandon’s Deathly Spring time allergies. I used to load him up with drugs that didn’t even work, and they gave him sharp pains in his stomach. I had nothing else to cling to. Last year, after seeing you, he didn’t take anything drug or inhaler during the Spring for the first time in 7 years.

    In addition, you handled his digestive system and he eats like a horse now, he grew 2 inches and gained 15 lbs in 3 months.

    Kaila stopped eating food and only ate pasta and butter. I swear that after I gave her your vitamins she started eating meat, veggies and big portions of it!

    You saved my husband from having knee surgery by healing the pain in his leg. You are also close to unlocking his body from pain. He realizes that if he goes to you on an regular basis, he can turn his body around. For him, that’s an incredible cognition. For him to realize that there is help and his body can change is revolutionary.

    As a Mommy, knowing that you are standing by if I need help with my babies health is so reassuring. There is such a mystery on the medical industry, and I do not want to drug my children and suppress their body’s ability to heal itself. The other kind of Dr’s solve problems with drugs and surgery. The also don’t have any certainty, their treatment method is hit or miss, a crap shoot. If this doesn’t work, try this, that doesn’t work, try this, take a higher dose, or cut it out with surgery. They don’t work with the body or listen to the body.

    You are the exact kind of Doctor that my husband and I mocked up for our family. Someone we can trust and someone who has results!

    I can go on forever, and I do to others. Thank you again. Brandon is in school today and you saw it yourself yesterday, his incredibly sore, painful throat, stopped hurting after you adjusted him. Just stopped. It was on and then off in one second. Miracle! When I describe it to others it sounds so unexciting and uneventful. But from a Mommy’s point of view, I could not help him all weekend with the pain. I could not soothe it, I could not give him any drug to make it stop hurting him. I was trying. He was crying and spitting constantly because he couldn’t swallow. Forget eating. We see you and it stopped. Unbelievable.

    Thank you again and you have to know how you effect others and how you change people’s lives for the better. You are the true definition of “Help”, look it up in the dictionary, your photo’s there.
    Jamie Cohen NJ
  • I Shirley Ware, can really tell that my doctor, Tyran G. Mincey, really cares. He is hard on me, why? Because he cares. He is fair, I went through a lot before I met him but thank God I won’t forget him .He helps me in every way that he can so I am for ever thankful for this man. He took all of my pain away, and I know that he is here to stay, as long as I need him.
    Mrs. Shirley Ware
  • It has been two weeks since my last visit and I feel great ! When I first came to you, I was a wreck . I had a lot of pain, no strength and no motivation to do things that needed to be done. You conducted several tests and subsequently made a number of adjustments, provided vitamins and minerals—all of which targeted various parts of my body.
    Marry Isaing
  • Before I started my therapy with Dr. Mincey, I could not focus on simple everyday activities. Activities such as; reading, writing, talking on the phone, resting well in bed, exercising or even having a meal! After a few weeks of therapy with Dr. Mincey I now am able to enjoy all of those activities that I once could not do. Instead of focusing on pain everyday as I once did, I now focus on living. Before Dr. Mincey I tried many other doctors, which all resulted in pain medication prescription and none prescription, which in results caused many complications. Therefore I gave up and accepted pain for five years. I shared my success story to acknowledge Dr. Mincey and commend him for the excellent therapy he has performed on me. My results has been a direct indication that Dr. Mincey is capable of turning pain into pleasure. Thank you Dr. Mincey.
    Earnestine Richardson
  • A few years ago I was hospitalized due to my diverticulitis. When I went to my doctor for my follow up visit, I was told that the only solution to my problem was to be operated on - not just once, but at least twice.

    I became so despondent that I called my brother and he recommended that I go see Dr. Mincey. Making an appointment was the best thing that could have happened to me.

    After several visits with Dr Mincey, he recommended various supplements that targeted my specific needs.To this day, I'm still going strong. Thank you again, Dr. Mincey.
    Roselle B.